Issue 11024

Index paleontological terms in both dwc and ABCD EFG

Reporter: mdoering
Type: NewFeature
Summary: Index paleontological terms in both dwc and ABCD EFG
Priority: Major
Resolution: WontFix
Status: Closed
Created: 2012-04-04 16:42:20.969
Updated: 2014-06-17 10:41:30.783
Resolved: 2013-12-09 14:55:29.109
Description: We have been provided by the Naturkunde Museum Berlin with a mapping between the ABCD EFG extension and dwc GeologicalContext terms []

DWC  -->  EFG

Group --> StratigraphicAttributionsType/LithostratigraphicAttributions/Group

Formation --> StratigraphicAttributionsType/LithostratigraphicAttributions/Formation

Member --> StratigraphicAttributionsType/LithostratigraphicAttributions/Member

Bed --> StratigraphicAttributionsType/LithostratigraphicAttributions/Bed

lowestBiostratigraphicZone | highestBiostratigraphicZone --> BiostratigraphicAttributionsType/BiostratigraphicAttribution/FossilZoneName (?)

The Chronostratigraphic terms are pivoted in EFG vs DWC, just as higher ranks in dwc have their own terms while in ABCD there is a repeatable higher taxon complexType.

earliestEonOrLowestEonothem | latestEonOrHighestEonothem | earliestEraOrLowestErathem | latestEraOrHighestErathem | earliestPeriodOrLowestSystem | latestPeriodOrHighestSystem | earliestEpochOrLowestSeries | latestEpochOrHighestSeries | earliestAgeOrLowestStage | latestAgeOrHighestStage
==> complex type Chronostratigraphic Attributions with type=rank]]>

Created: 2013-12-09 14:55:29.14
Updated: 2013-12-09 14:55:29.14
Support for paleontological ABCD terms is under consideration in the new crawler. No such extensions will be added to the HIT.

Closing issue.