Issue 13186

Some inconsistencies on species pages: 1. In '...

Reporter: feedback bot
Assignee: mdoering
Type: Bug
Summary: Some inconsistencies on species pages:     1. In '...
Priority: Blocker
Resolution: Fixed
Status: Closed
Created: 2013-05-29 09:27:30.083
Updated: 2013-08-20 13:24:24.906
Resolved: 2013-08-20 13:24:24.866
Description: Some inconsistencies on species pages:

1. In 'DISTRIBUTION' list when the entries fill the page the 'more' link is blocked out by the Open Streetmap label at the bottom of the map.

2. When you click on 'more' the detailed information via Catalogue of Life is very difficult to interpret, we should either put some explanatory note or leave it out.

3. The items under 'Table of Contents' do not seem to lead anywhere and are impossible to interpret - we should revise or leave this out.

*Reporter*: Tim Hirsch
*E-mail*: [mailto:thirsch]]]>

Created: 2013-05-29 10:48:09.756
Updated: 2013-05-29 10:48:23.464
Thanks Tim!
#1 is a bug. Jira created

#2 is a source data problem. We should tell the CoL to either parse their data properly or use the description extension for their data. It is not useful the way they did it. Ill catch up with them

#3 interpretation is tough, but we should be able to manage it manually for the most frequent entries. See new jira:

Please continue discussion about individual issues on those jiras

Comment: Make sure all info is captured in other projects and close this for 0.5.  The work can continue in other Jiras if needed
Created: 2013-08-19 12:00:21.171
Updated: 2013-08-19 12:00:21.171

Comment: Partly fixed, all remaining things have their own issue now
Created: 2013-08-20 13:24:24.905
Updated: 2013-08-20 13:24:24.905