Issue 14068

NameParser: broken link going to ecat-dev

Reporter: ahahn
Type: Feedback
Summary: NameParser: broken link going to ecat-dev
Description: From the NameParser at > parser result > show extended parsing, a link from the rightmost column "GBIF Nub" is supposed to link to the relevant nub concept page. Currently, this link is broken as it points to the no longer existing ecat-dev server. When the tool gets accessible from the new portal, the link should be rewired.
Priority: Minor
Resolution: Fixed
Status: Closed
Created: 2013-09-26 14:15:30.557
Updated: 2014-01-08 17:14:48.014
Resolved: 2014-01-08 17:14:47.982

Attachment Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 5.14.03 PM.png

Comment: Screenshot showing rewiring successfully applied.
Created: 2014-01-08 17:14:41.845
Updated: 2014-01-08 17:14:41.845

Comment: Fixed.
Created: 2014-01-08 17:14:48.012
Updated: 2014-01-08 17:14:48.012