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List of countries of origin uses "hosting". Is this confusing?

Reporter: ahahn
Assignee: mdoering
Type: Feedback
Summary: List of countries of origin uses "hosting". Is this confusing?
Description: On a country page like, the section titled "Countries of origin" uses the term "hosts" (2x) in the subheading. We are otherwise distinguishing between data owners and data hosts by their relation to the dataset (curation and ownership vs. technical serving): a host provides the technical installation, but does not necessarily own the dataset. Here, though, the term "hosts" is used for occurrences located in a country, not for hosting services provided for other countries. Should this rather be changed to "publishes"?
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Created: 2013-09-27 10:31:52.336
Updated: 2013-09-27 10:55:35.424
Resolved: 2013-09-27 10:55:35.399

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Updated: 2013-09-27 10:44:54.147
Agree. Suggest following new wording

Denmark publishes 973,190 records relating to biodiversity from 195 other countries, territories and islands.
These records account for 10.451% of the total data published from Denmark. 

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Updated: 2013-09-27 10:55:35.422