Issue 14164

Addition to publisher page: installation link

Reporter: ahahn
Type: Feedback
Summary: Addition to publisher page: installation link
Description: While we do not have a separate page for technical installations, it would be helpful to add the link to the location of those installations to the publisher page, in a position similar to a dataset page (there: "Served by", see e.g. Here proposed: "has installation"). 
Resolution: Duplicate
Status: Closed
Created: 2013-10-07 12:10:11.315
Updated: 2013-10-11 16:58:01.873
Resolved: 2013-10-11 16:58:01.837

Comment: Duplicates PF-851. Closing issue.
Created: 2013-10-11 16:58:01.87
Updated: 2013-10-11 16:58:01.87