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Social Links and Examples of Queries or Data Use

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Summary: Social Links and Examples of Queries or Data Use
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Created: 2013-10-14 17:56:35.901
Updated: 2013-10-15 12:51:24.949
Resolved: 2013-10-15 12:51:24.917
Description: Dear Developers and GBIF Team,

First of all, I'd loke to tell you that I really appreciate the new portal. Formerly working for GBIF Germany, I have been waiting for the launch for quite a while. The new portal has a great design and I think it has a very good usability.

Here are two recommendations:

- Add a module or implement some functionality for social links, especially to twitter, but also for facebook and others. This will probably help to increase the visibility of your website and portal. I would certainly use it from time to time and lazy people, who do not like to copy and paste the URL will be encouraged to share your news and information.

- Present a set of interesting use scenarios of the portal on the landing page to give new visitors (and especially none scientific visitors) the chance to get in touch with the portals information and capability easily. I remember there have been some example queries or data use examples on the old website, but these were also hard to find. Gaining the public community as an additional target group on a larger scale will certainly help to increase the funding and biodiversity awareness.

Thanks for the nice portal. Hope this is feedback is somehow helpful to you.

With very best regards


*Reporter*: Martin Pluta
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Comment: I will close this issue since it is more along the lines of general feedback and I will explore the suggestions further with the logger one to one via email.
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