Issue 14242

Broken links

Reporter: feedback bot
Assignee: cvizitiu
Type: Feedback
Summary: Broken links
Resolution: Duplicate
Status: Closed
Created: 2013-10-16 15:35:01.072
Updated: 2013-10-21 11:32:34.281
Resolved: 2013-10-17 11:20:00.812
Description: I can imagine some pages of the previous GBIF portal were referenced by other websites. These now seem to be broken. Is there any way these can be redirected to existing pages/resources (if those still exist)?


*Reporter*: Peter Desmet
*E-mail*: []]]>

Comment: Please advise on feasibility of redirecting broken links to www-old site
Created: 2013-10-16 16:21:40.671
Updated: 2013-10-16 16:21:40.671

Comment: We had discussed the possibility of a redirect to the site which is up but not maintained. Assigning this to Cip to advise if this is feasible? 
Created: 2013-10-16 16:21:49.055
Updated: 2013-10-16 16:21:49.055

Comment: Will be addressed by solution in the comment proposed on PF-1259
Created: 2013-10-17 11:19:33.812
Updated: 2013-10-17 11:19:33.812

Comment: The comment on PF-1259 will address this, where users will be provided a link to the www-old portal
Created: 2013-10-17 11:20:00.835
Updated: 2013-10-17 11:20:00.835