Issue 13587

Norwegian IMS participant information not shown in API

Reporter: ahahn
Assignee: mdoering
Type: Bug
Summary: Norwegian IMS participant information not shown in API
Priority: Blocker
Resolution: Fixed
Status: Closed
Created: 2013-08-15 10:51:58.957
Updated: 2013-08-21 15:10:18.818
Resolved: 2013-08-21 15:04:57.699
Description: The participant information has been updated in the IMS, including a number of contacts, but does not appear on the page even after a full refresh of all IMS information. IMS id is 183, and has been checked to be correctly set in the registry (

*Reporter*: Andrea Hahn
*E-mail*: [mailto:ahahn]]]>

Created: 2013-08-20 13:19:42.859
Updated: 2013-08-20 13:19:42.859
From my part, I have double checked Norway's info on the IMS and it is all there and it is correct. Lina


Created: 2013-08-20 15:49:35.636
Updated: 2013-08-20 15:49:35.636
Finally got to the bottom, it is a bad URL in the IMS:

### Cause: java.sql.SQLException: Illegal character in path at index 15:

There is a linebreak in the URL which is probaby very hard to see, please check!

Comment: Replaced a hard line break between two URLs with a semicolon for this entry. Please flush to see whether that fixes the issue. Outstanding: need to check on policy for content editing in such cases.
Created: 2013-08-20 16:47:15.619
Updated: 2013-08-20 16:47:15.619

Comment: No, it won't. A valid URI is required to get the IMS info out. A registry Node can only hold a single URI right now. If more are needed we need to find very different solutions and this is definitely not for this sprint anymore
Created: 2013-08-20 18:27:59.841
Updated: 2013-08-20 18:27:59.841

Comment: Second URL temporarily stored in the comments field of the IMS table. Still requires a general decision on the IMS structure for multiple URLs (AMN, AGT), but closing this case for now.
Created: 2013-08-21 15:04:47.786
Updated: 2013-08-21 15:04:47.786