Issue 14954

Error in Aves Tanzanian collection... dataset

Reporter: icalabuig
Type: Feedback
Summary: Error in Aves Tanzanian collection... dataset
Resolution: CantReproduce
Status: Closed
Created: 2014-01-29 14:28:53.072
Updated: 2014-01-29 15:15:54.627
Resolved: 2014-01-29 15:15:54.595
Description: Dear GBIF-IT,
With your kind help, we recently uploaded a new version of this data set where the only thing that changed was the multimedia extension file (new URLs to images, but the same ID numbers as before). it seemed to have gone well. But something seems to be wrong as I can not download the data neither from our own IPT nor from the GBIF portal. Also I cannot view occurences. Before I contact Aarhus IPT guys - can you see if the error is on your or on our "side"

*Reporter*: Isabel Calabuig
*E-mail*: []]]>

Created: 2014-01-29 15:15:41.565
Updated: 2014-01-29 15:15:41.565
You'll remember there is a problem unzipping the archive on Windows. It relates to this IPT issue:

On Mac/Linux we can download the archive fine. We also have no problem viewing the occurrences. E.g. I have no problem downloading the records either:

Seems like there is no issue.


Comment: Cannot reproduce.
Created: 2014-01-29 15:15:54.625
Updated: 2014-01-29 15:15:54.625