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Old vs New GBIF interface - especially loss of niche model

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Summary: Old vs New GBIF interface - especially loss of niche model
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Description: From: Booth, Trevor (CES, Black Mountain)
Sent: Tuesday, 4 March 2014 9:46 AM
To: 'Tim Robertson [GBIF]'
Subject: RE: New portal - Thanks

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the prompt response.  I can appreciate that serious niche modelling may well require downloading of data and separate analysis, but I do think it was useful to have an integrated niche modelling system for preliminary analyses and also to interest the casual user in species distribution modelling.

There are some useful features of the new interface, such as showing lats and longs when listing species occurrences, but I do find the new interface a step back in several aspects.  For example, the old interface provided a useful summary of occurrences by country.    Now you can add a filter, but unless I’ve missed something, you have to flick though the observations to find out which countries are listed (or guess the countries from the Georeferenced data map).

I don’t want to sound too negative, because the GBIF is a wonderful resource for which I’m very grateful.  Perhaps there is also an element of the ‘shock of the new’ and I’ll come to appreciate some of the new features.  However, I’ve probably been rather spoiled by the excellence of the interface of the Atlas of Living Australia.  I’m sorry GBIF just didn’t just adopt/modify the ALA framework as the new interface, as it is in so many ways superior to both your old and new interfaces.  For example, the ability to click on individual mapped data points and bring up the relevant details is very useful.  The sophistication of the ALA’s mapping and analysis interface as a whole, with its ability to select and analyse data is also tremendous.   As you probably know the tools range from simple scatterplot analyses to MAXENT.

Anyway, thanks again for your quick response and, though I may sound a bit grumpy, I am still very appreciative of the GBIF.  I’ll post some comments as you suggest.



From: Tim Robertson [GBIF] [mailto:trobertson]
Sent: Monday, 3 March 2014 9:54 PM
To: Booth, Trevor (CES, Black Mountain)
Subject: Re: New portal

Dear Trevor,

Yes, it was not added in the new portal.  It would be possible to schedule the development for that, but the general perception was that while it was useful for demonstration, any serious niche modeling requires a more thorough process.  Typically people were downloading the content, screaning / cleaning it, and then using either openmodeller directly, or running maxent modeling techniques.

I hope this helps clarify the situation.  If you strongly believe it to be useful, please can you supply feedback using the button on the new portal - we gauge user priorities primarily using that system.

Many thanks,

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I can’t find the niche model facility in the new portal ( that used to be in the Actions panel of the old portal.  Has the link to openmodeller been dropped from the revised portal?  I tried to search for info, but couldn’t find any help.


Trevor H Booth
CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences and CSIRO Climate Adaptation Flagship

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