Issue 15397

data NOT updated during reindexation

Reporter: feedback bot
Assignee: jlegind
Type: Feedback
Summary: data NOT updated during reindexation
Resolution: Fixed
Status: Closed
Created: 2014-03-18 11:22:19.262
Updated: 2014-03-19 10:00:50.538
Resolved: 2014-03-19 10:00:50.513
Description: On 13-03-2014 our dataset page at said "last updated 17-12-2013.
Then I updated our tapirlink provider so datelastmodified reflected the last modifications of our records in 2014. I kept an eye on one of those records (gbif occurrence 6038503).

Yesterday nothing had changed ( still saying "last updated 17-12-2013"), so I sent an email to asking how should I do to fire up the reindexation.

I didn't get an answer, but today gbif portal finally says our dataset was "updated 17-03-2014". OK, great!!
(although I still wonder if I need to send an email or not).

But then I checked the aforementioned record and compared our data with those shown by gbif portal. Actually, it has NOT been updated. still shows the old information of 2013.
I know there is only a tiny difference in one DwC concept ("locality"), but I wonder why still shows the old text.

These are the links (I attach screen captures for future reference as well).

The same record in our data provider:

Attachment GBIF_occurrence_60038503_data-as-of-2013-03-18.jpg

Attachment SANT55555_tapirlink_data-as-of-2014-03-13.jpg

Created: 2014-03-19 10:00:32.856
Updated: 2014-03-19 10:00:32.856
The dataset has been indexed and the record updated:
I think that we had a bad sync on the installation that prevented crawling, but that is fixed now.

David has been contacted.