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New GBIF portal

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Summary: New GBIF portal
Resolution: Duplicate
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Created: 2014-05-11 10:49:24.364
Updated: 2014-05-26 15:01:31.27
Resolved: 2014-05-26 15:01:31.231
Description: Dear Sir,

Your new GBIF portal is fine, but,
Could you please, tell me, how I could download "One-degree cell density
overlay for Google Earth" KML file on the new portal, which has been easily
available for each species on the previous portal (

It's very important for me to have access to this kind of data, because I use
it for my studies about plant species.

Thanks in advance for your response,
Best regards,

Pierre-Olivier Templier

*Reporter*: Pierre-Olivier Templier
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Comment: Duplicates POR-1626
Created: 2014-05-26 15:01:31.268
Updated: 2014-05-26 15:01:31.268