Issue 16506

an explanation of warnings is needed

Reporter: feedback bot
Type: Feedback
Summary: an explanation of warnings is needed
Status: Open
Created: 2014-09-28 09:07:23.247
Updated: 2014-09-28 09:07:23.247
Description: The record
has the following warnings associated

Coordinate rounded
Coordinate reprojection suspicious

I thought the rounding might be the result of converting between decimal coordinates and degrees,minutes and seconds. Although the difference must be a matter of meters at most.

The reprojection issue is more difficult to understand. I suspect it relates to the difference between the FOOTPRINTSRS and the GEODETICDATUM. However, the footprint relates to the grid system for biological recording that the UK uses and the GEODETICDATUM relates to the point-radius georeferencing.

*Reporter*: Quentin Groom
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