Issue 16783

Deleted datasets still appear on country pages

Reporter: thirsch
Type: Feedback
Summary: Deleted datasets still appear on country pages
Resolution: CantReproduce
Status: Closed
Created: 2015-01-15 20:22:02.882
Updated: 2016-06-03 11:04:53.879
Resolved: 2016-06-03 11:04:53.855
Description: Datasets listed on country pages include some that have been deleted, e.g. second largest dataset listed for Malaysia is version of Kew dataset that shows  46,000 records in list, but 0 records when you click on it, with note that the dataset was deleted in August 2014. The new version of the Kew herbarium data also appears, but presumably the old version should not be showing up.

*Reporter*: Tim Hirsch
*E-mail*: [mailto:thirsch]]]>

Comment: [~cgendreau] can you please try to reproduce? Thanks.
Created: 2016-06-03 10:44:25.564
Updated: 2016-06-03 10:44:25.564

Author: cgendreau
Created: 2016-06-03 10:47:50.3
Updated: 2016-06-03 10:47:57.47
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Comment: Looking at the original issue I logged last year the problem seems to have been resolved as only the current version of the Kew dataset now appears on the country page - so unless anyone sees a remaining problem I would mark it as fixed.
Created: 2016-06-03 10:58:25.052
Updated: 2016-06-03 10:58:25.052

Author: cgendreau
Comment: Issue seems to be fixed
Created: 2016-06-03 11:04:53.876
Updated: 2016-06-03 11:04:53.876