Issue 17561

subordintated taxa of Xenillidae

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Summary: subordintated taxa of Xenillidae
Status: Open
Created: 2015-04-27 14:30:10.857
Updated: 2016-02-08 17:48:40.256
Description: It appears as if the family Xenillidae exists twice in the database.
First listed three genera (Stenoxenillus, Stonyxenillus an Xenilloides) with 4 species;
Second listed three genera (Xenillus - including the subgenera s.str. and Stonyxenillus (see above!), Neoxenillus and Xenilloides (see above!)) with a total of 80 species.
However, Xenillidae considered a synonym of Liacaridae, Stenoxenillus considered a synonym of Liacarus s.str., Leuroxenillus may be added to the list. and Dinoxenillus considered a synonym of Xenillus s.str.

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