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Bee research how bees use frequencies

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Summary: Bee research how bees use frequencies
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Description: Subject : : Bee research by an independent group
If you are concerned regarding the effect of our environment on bees and our flora and fauna then you will think that what we have achieved is impossible and will be quick to disregard it. But we are the only ones in the whole of the world's scientific community to be able to analyse and explain how bees actually navigate.
: We are now able to measure and track the minute forces that bees use to navigate.
We are also able to change the locating signal in the hive so that a hive of flying bees can be moved any distance within an apiary. So much more on this website that now opens up a new avenue in bee research that other scientists are unable to achieve.
So have a full look at particularly at the conclusion section to see the capabilities of the science.

Robert Gray

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