Issue 18197

Terrestrial species with marine location

Reporter: mdoering
Type: Feedback
Summary: Terrestrial species with marine location
Status: Open
Created: 2016-02-01 16:29:37.808
Updated: 2016-02-01 16:35:59.601
Description: The location is likely incorrect. It is a terrestrial species from a vegetation database:]]>

Attachment Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 16.33.55.png

Comment: more of such errors:
Created: 2016-02-01 16:29:57.391
Updated: 2016-02-01 16:29:57.391

Created: 2016-02-01 16:34:08.31
Updated: 2016-02-01 16:34:08.31
That record also has encoding troubles and a strange identifiedBy value: "GMA0 BOG0 VOJ0"