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Rosmarinus offiznalis

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Summary: Rosmarinus offiznalis
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Author: rdmpage
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Hard to know what this issue is, given the limited feedback (a typo for _Rosmarinus officinalis_). (the referring page) is _Rosmarinus eriocalix_, which (Wikipedia to the rescue) is a related species of rosemary. The Wikipedia page cites a paper:

Rosselló, J. A., Cosín, R., Boscaiu, M., Vicente, O., Martínez, I., & Soriano, P. (2006, October 24). Intragenomic diversity and phylogenetic systematics of wild rosemaries (Rosmarinus officinalis L. s.l., Lamiaceae) assessed by nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences (ITS). Plant Systematics and Evolution. Springer Science + Business Media.

which shows that  ITS sequences for _Rosmarinus officinalis_ and _R. tomentosus_ form clusters within _Rosmarinus eriocalix_. I'm not aware of anyone synonymising these species.

In the absence of anything else to go on, I suggest closing the issue...

Comment: Thanks [~rdmpage] for investigating
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