Issue 18522

Link no more available

Reporter: feedback bot
Type: Feedback
Summary: Link no more available
Resolution: Fixed
Status: Closed
Created: 2016-06-09 11:59:05.986
Updated: 2017-10-06 11:48:43.453
Resolved: 2017-10-06 11:48:43.426
Description: Hello,
I would like to access to this ressource "Pensoft data publishing policies and guidelines for biodiversity data" on this page
but the link
is no more available]]>

Author: cgendreau
Created: 2016-06-09 12:08:55.566
Updated: 2016-06-09 12:08:55.566
The link is not formatted properly on our page but the link is also broken (no more available on Pensoft website).

[], [], [~kylecopas] any idea where it could be?

Author: kylecopas
Created: 2016-06-09 13:09:15.491
Updated: 2016-06-09 13:09:15.491
Found a copy. I really wonder whether, given its age, this particular citation and/or document is worth maintaining (if they've redesign their site and the reference has changed, that's one thing. But if they've ditched it, or replaced it with more current documentation...

I'd suggest in the meantime that we replace the offsite link in our resource with a copy of the PDF found here (thanks, Argentina!):

Make sense?

Author: hoefft
Comment: resource discontinued
Created: 2017-10-06 11:48:43.451
Updated: 2017-10-06 11:48:43.451