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Quick question/remark for vernacularName (data quality page)

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Summary: Quick question/remark for vernacularName (data quality page)
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Created: 2016-06-29 15:35:45.64
Updated: 2016-07-01 09:56:15.057
Resolved: 2016-07-01 09:56:14.998
Description: Hi,

I was using the new "Data quality" page to peer-review a soon-to-be-published dataset, and saw that (for Checklists), in vernacularName, you mention that the language should also be provided. To my knowledge, there's no DwC field for that in the Taxon Core (and using an extension just for this seems overkill.

I therefore think, if the solution is to put both things (the name and its language) in the same field, it would be a great improvement if you could provide some guidance/examples on how to format this field. For example, something like

"we suggest you put the language code in parentheses, uppercase, after the name: example: 'Common Bullfrog (EN)' "

I think such guidance would be very useful so we avoid that everybody invent its own convention, resulting in very messy data in a few years.

What do you think? Also, another interesting question around this field would be "how to provide several name/language pairs?" (separator, ...)

I'd be glad to discuss this issue further if that's of any help!

Thanks a lot


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Created: 2016-07-01 09:51:57.581
Updated: 2016-07-01 09:51:57.581
Nicolas, we much prefer the use of the well established extension
In general we discourage the encoding of multiple values into a single term