Issue 18622

Error with the species name and/or the location

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Summary: Error with the species name and/or the location
Status: Open
Created: 2016-07-04 14:20:32.327
Updated: 2016-07-04 17:34:38.654
Description: This record (GBIF 274765627) is an error, either the location or the species name.  The only known site in Kent for Tetrodontium brownianum was Hungershall Rocks.  Francis Rose was aware of this and his manuscript bryophyte records for Kent confirm this.

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Author: rdmpage
Created: 2016-07-04 17:34:38.654
Updated: 2016-07-04 17:34:38.654
An example where it would be great it these records were linked to their source (i.e., a digitised notebook page showing us the transcription of the data). The dataset link is broken it should be

In the absence of a digital copy of the original notebooks not sure there's much we can do with this error. it ould, of course, be nice to flag this on the GBIF site (i.e., someone has raised an objection to this record...)