Issue 18866

map not shown

Reporter: feedback bot
Assignee: fmendez
Type: Feedback
Summary: map not shown
Resolution: Fixed
Status: Closed
Created: 2016-12-13 11:27:26.82
Updated: 2017-10-05 20:43:57.765
Resolved: 2017-10-05 20:43:57.747
Description: I want to see the maps of all the orchid value in GBIF in Switzerland, but get an error message

Created: 2016-12-13 11:49:15.877
Updated: 2016-12-13 11:49:15.877
[] is this the SOLR GEOM search issue?

It does work without a geometry:

[The map can also be shown on and then zoom to the area of interest]


Author: mblissett
Comment: New portal fine.
Created: 2017-10-05 20:43:57.764
Updated: 2017-10-05 20:43:57.764