Issue 18894

"Saudi Arabia" for records from South Australia

Reporter: donald hobern
Type: Feedback
Summary: "Saudi Arabia" for records from South Australia
Status: Open
Created: 2017-01-16 05:04:49.036
Updated: 2017-01-16 09:02:27.369
Description: shows many records identified as coming from Saudi Arabia.  The coordinate mismatch is detected.  These are all from South Australia.

Not sure whether we have a quick way to fix these.

*Reporter*: Donald Hobern
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Author: mblissett
Created: 2017-01-16 08:58:13.989
Updated: 2017-01-16 08:58:13.989
They are all from a single dataset, and all have country=SA, which is the ISO code for Saudi Arabia.

The quick fix is for the data publisher to change this, so country=AU.