Issue 18908

better filtering needed

Reporter: feedback bot
Type: Feedback
Summary: better filtering needed
Description: When I search for Elimia, I get lots of records for eximia with no evident way to exclude them.  
Resolution: WontFix
Status: Closed
Created: 2017-01-24 21:32:53.803
Updated: 2017-01-24 22:41:42.804
Resolved: 2017-01-24 21:42:24.86

Created: 2017-01-24 21:41:16.749
Updated: 2017-01-24 21:41:16.749
Please know that instead of using the free text search (the box at the top) you can add a scientific name filter (the "Add filters" link).

Elimia H. Adams & A. Adams, 1854 is:


Created: 2017-01-24 21:42:25.579
Updated: 2017-01-24 21:42:25.579
The new site in demo does a much better job asking "Did you mean
Elimia H. Adams & A. Adams, 1854 the genus?".

Created: 2017-01-24 22:41:42.804
Updated: 2017-01-24 22:41:42.804
The new dataset and species searches use the solr DisMax query parser:

This allows to submit google like queries with negations prefixed by a minus and required matches using a + prefix:

Maybe we can use that for occurrences too? It would be useful to exclude certain terms