Issue 13305

Cannot register new user

Reporter: mdoering
Assignee: cvizitiu
Type: Bug
Summary: Cannot register new user
Description: Trying to register a new user Im not sure if registration works at all on UAT right now. Im being forwarded without any notification to the home page, but when doing it again the username is taken, so sth seems to have happened under the hood. After registration we should surely show some success message and further instructions?
Priority: Blocker
Resolution: Fixed
Status: Closed
Created: 2013-06-17 14:06:12.505
Updated: 2013-09-02 13:46:31.673
Resolved: 2013-06-22 18:27:18.659

Created: 2013-06-17 14:08:14.19
Updated: 2013-06-20 10:25:48.592
Also the registration screen should show:

 * By registering with GBIF you agree to abide by the terms of usage set out here (
 * Any user accounts created may be deleted; users might need to recreate their accounts in the future

Comment: And registration of non gbif email addresses should be enabled now
Created: 2013-06-17 14:08:40.139
Updated: 2013-06-17 14:08:40.139

Comment: When registering on staging the portal hangs after submitting the registration. No page returns. Trying again it appears to have created an account, but still there is no success page but just a redirect to the homepage, see POR-644. Having this as a separate issue we can close this one, it is working with external email addresses
Created: 2013-06-24 11:36:11.861
Updated: 2013-06-24 11:36:11.861