Issue 11741

Network members pages break the menu

Reporter: trobertson
Assignee: mdoering
Type: Bug
Summary: Network members pages break the menu
Priority: Blocker
Resolution: Fixed
Status: Closed
Created: 2012-08-27 17:10:18.289
Updated: 2013-08-29 14:44:47.951
Resolved: 2012-08-28 10:42:46.99
Description: See:

Suspect some bad JS stopping the menu firing.  Might want to consider the JS order to safeguard against this for future?

Comment: Will move js from app.js to a new file menu.js and place it into the top of the head
Created: 2012-08-27 23:16:30.317
Updated: 2012-08-27 23:16:30.317

Created: 2012-08-28 10:42:47.022
Updated: 2012-08-28 10:42:47.022
moved menu js into its own file and place it at the top.

Testing with a broken app.js that throws exceptions shows the menu still works in that case