Issue 10403

Design for display of longer texts behind abbreviated "..." texts

Reporter: ahahn
Assignee: mdoering
Type: Improvement
Summary: Design for display of longer texts behind abbreviated "..." texts
Priority: Major
Resolution: Fixed
Status: Closed
Created: 2011-11-15 12:44:20.657
Updated: 2013-08-29 14:45:29.21
Resolved: 2012-12-04 17:34:13.075
Description: In several areas of the portal (esp. right hand side area), potentially long texts or long lists of text components need to be auto-abbreviated and linked out via a "...more-style link to avoid breaking the layout of the main page. A solution for handling the display of the full text is needed: popup, hover-over, new page, other?

Examples: image description text in a species / nub page (; list of publications]]>

Created: 2012-09-19 12:16:09.32
Updated: 2012-09-19 12:16:09.32
we use a (?) popup in species searches to show the full description which I also dont find intuitive.
Maybe we can make the "..." interactive instead?

For example http://localhost:8080/species/search?q=Scrophulariaceae&checklist=d7dddbf4-2cf0-4f39-9b2a-bb099caae36c

Author: dcano
Created: 2012-11-13 16:36:43.407
Updated: 2012-11-13 16:36:43.407
It depends on the case.

If the rest of the content is a listing, for example, we use an auxiliary page (the ones with a yellow ribbon at the top to return to the parent page). It would be also the solution for fields with a lot of additional content.

If the rest of the content has a limited size and it is not core to GBIF (as in image descriptions) the tooltip should be used.

In search results we shouldn't use tooltips. In my opinion we shouldn't show descriptions neither here: they are not useful at all. The search should be performed over name, common name, synonyms, etc. but not in the description field.

Please Markus, tell me if this is useful. If it is not we can chat about it on skype.

Author: dcano
Comment: An update on image description: please note that in POR-67 we are talking about the possibility of scrolling all image metadata pane. Anyway, the idea of "use tooltips for short, limited texts" remains for other kinds of content.
Created: 2012-11-13 16:51:47.813
Updated: 2012-11-13 16:51:47.813

Comment: makes sense, though I wouldn't want to remove the description search feature. But I think you are right that we do not need to show the full description, it is good enough to show the vicinity of the match and leave it to the user to see the full description on the actual page. And for image metadata and species descriptions on the details page we have a scrollable block now.
Created: 2012-11-13 17:18:06.447
Updated: 2012-11-13 17:18:47.978

Author: dcano
Comment: Markus, could you open a ticket for reviewing search results design for including Descriptions?  Just in case we have enough time. It can be enhanced.
Created: 2012-11-13 17:22:09.464
Updated: 2012-11-13 17:22:09.464

Created: 2012-11-13 17:41:52.435
Updated: 2012-11-13 17:41:52.435

Comment: species search descriptions implemented as part of POR-393, scrollable image metadata and descriptions in other issues. Nothing remains to be done here
Created: 2012-12-04 17:34:13.104
Updated: 2012-12-04 17:34:13.104