Issue 12690

Update drupal menu links

Reporter: mdoering
Assignee: cvizitiu
Type: Improvement
Summary: Update drupal menu links
Priority: Minor
Resolution: Fixed
Status: Closed
Created: 2013-02-04 12:45:46.4
Updated: 2013-09-02 13:46:35.619
Resolved: 2013-02-04 17:49:38.473
Description: we need to link from the drupal menus to the real UAT pages of the java portal, not the current data portal. Expected urls:]]>

Comment: Done, could be closed. 
Created: 2013-02-04 16:33:01.758
Updated: 2013-02-04 16:33:01.758

Comment: I assume this change is in the database?
Created: 2013-02-04 16:34:35.588
Updated: 2013-02-04 16:34:35.588

Created: 2013-02-04 16:39:11.9
Updated: 2013-02-04 16:39:11.9
its here:

for the version running on staging now it should actually be a different base URL

Would be nice if that base URL is configurable, maybe we need to use it in various other places too?

Comment: the base URL is configurable in the settings.php as $base_url. The site folder needs to be renamed accordingly.
Created: 2013-02-04 16:41:21.897
Updated: 2013-02-04 16:41:21.897

Created: 2013-02-04 16:51:27.065
Updated: 2013-02-04 16:51:27.065
Nope, sorry! :-( The menus themselves are plain static html in the template file (html.tpl.php); at least for the moment.

I've had a first attempt at producing the menus from a dictionary but it's more effort that it's worth it right now IMHO; Yes I know you favor superfish; yet in superfish the menu consists of one 

Created: 2013-02-04 16:59:44.933
Updated: 2013-02-04 16:59:44.933
No worries, Cip! Markus answered my question with the links. I was assuming by updating the issue I can see code change as well, just like I have on Google Code. Only recently I am looking at how it works on JIRA.

I am not in favour of superfish. Actually I think it's a bit heavy. That was just my tryouts on the Drupal theme I did last Apr.

I have no preference for now. You are the person who develops it and maintain it.

Created: 2013-02-04 17:18:48.499
Updated: 2013-02-04 17:18:48.499
Ive got no problem with keeping it in the code like this, Cip.
Just that we will probably need to keep two versions running, one static, public UAT master which contains all the real accounts, news etc and one staging version which should run on a different backend and have different URLs and can be updated as we develop. 

Comment: Markus, it's crystal clear what you mean. I've added a simple theme setting to define $dataportal_base_url and used that variable to generate the menu, check it out. Should do for the moment, don't you think? It's in the theme settings page right at the bottom. 
Created: 2013-02-04 17:30:41.43
Updated: 2013-02-04 17:30:56.473

Comment: nice
Created: 2013-02-04 17:49:31.012
Updated: 2013-02-04 17:49:31.012