Issue 12340

Style intra-pane scrollbars everywhere

Reporter: mdoering
Assignee: cvizitiu
Type: Improvement
Summary: Style intra-pane scrollbars everywhere
Description: Make sure everywhere in the portal where we use intra page scrollbars (e.g class="scrollable") that its using the style designed by vizzuality for the  image metadata
Priority: Major
Resolution: Fixed
Status: Closed
Created: 2012-11-21 11:46:22.615
Updated: 2013-08-29 14:45:36.829
Resolved: 2012-12-04 14:20:04.01

Comment: Communication with Vizzuality via email is ongoing to try and resolve what style to use.  
Created: 2012-12-03 11:49:25.899
Updated: 2012-12-03 11:49:25.899

Comment: All intra-pane scrollbars use the same basic implementation everywhere. No design was implemented by Vizzuality for scrollbars, so that's why we are going to use the basic implementation for now.
Created: 2012-12-04 14:20:04.046
Updated: 2012-12-04 14:20:04.046