Issue 10149

Choose more meaningful names and categories in Appears In section of species detail page

Reporter: omeyn
Assignee: ahahn
Type: SubTask
Summary: Choose more meaningful names and categories in Appears In section of species detail page
Priority: Minor
Resolution: Fixed
Status: Closed
Created: 2011-11-07 16:47:06.648
Updated: 2013-08-29 14:46:10.887
Resolved: 2011-12-01 23:01:59.394

Created: 2011-11-07 16:48:17.727
Updated: 2011-11-07 16:48:17.727
Kyle Braak Mon, 26 Sep at 10:46am
Currently in the right hand sidebar of the Appears in section on the species detail page, there is:
By occurrences hosting:
-13 occurrence datasets
-2 external datasets
This is supposed to help sort in which occurrence datasets the nub usage appears. It isn't really clear what these different sections are. To make this more clear, it could alternatively read something like the following:
By appearance type:
Occurrence datasets:
-13 occurrence datasets
-2 occurrence datasets

Andrea Hahn Wed, 28 Sep at 3:40am
Agree that the "occurrence hosting" title is a bit awkward. The breakdown was chosen because the dataset pages take three shapes: occurrences, checklists, and external ( In this view, I would like to maintain the title of "external" for consistency, and would suggest just to change the header from "By occurrences hosting" to
Occurrence data:
- 13 occurrence datasets
- 2 external datasets
note: need to check whether external datasets are always occurrence data, or can include checklists

Markus Döring Thu, 29 Sep at 6:03am
external datasets are anything, ecological studies, genetics, just anything. So Occurrence is probably not the right term here.
It might make sense to review Appears In together with Related Usages again:
It seems to me we have a redundancy here. A related usage is the name appearing in a checklist. But we also have that in Appears In.
I would suggest to remove Related Usage and only keep the Appears In section. Then we can have 3 columns, one for each category  Occurrence, Checklist or External.
The option to refine the list of checklists by their type would be given on  the checklist search results page when you follow the See all link. The meaning of Occurrence hosting I might misunderstand, but it seems to me that its redundant and is represented via the Apears in Occurrence already?

Markus Döring Thu, 29 Sep at 6:19am
Also that would give room in the Taxonomic Classification section. And related usages don't have anything to do with the classification, so they didn't really belong there.
On the other hand we could move the squeezed synonyms from the top bar down to here where they would have more space and also make more sense than related usages as its taxonomy. Changing the header from Taxonomic classification to Taxonomy would be an option too.
Talking about synonyms Ive just opened a new todo as we seem to lack synonym pages: