Issue 13830

Beta stamp currently blocking Data and News menus on portaldev

Reporter: feedback bot
Assignee: cvizitiu
Type: Feedback
Summary: Beta stamp currently blocking Data and News menus on portaldev
Resolution: Fixed
Status: Closed
Created: 2013-09-12 06:47:50.751
Updated: 2013-09-26 15:04:18.096
Resolved: 2013-09-26 15:04:18.069
Description: The position of the Beta stamp currently makes it impossible to select the dropdown menus for Data and News - I have a live portal demo at 10am with the Dean of KU and HoD for Denmark and want to show the latest developments so this needs urgent fixing.

*Reporter*: Tim Hirsch]]>

Comment: the deployed version on portaldev is not up to date, I'm triggering a new build as it might have been related to yesterdays server (boma) upgrade
Created: 2013-09-12 07:42:31.313
Updated: 2013-09-12 07:42:31.313

Created: 2013-09-12 10:02:04.808
Updated: 2013-09-12 10:02:04.808
It's in less, change  .home header .disclaimerToggle to read

left: 420px;
right: auto;
top: 20px;

Created: 2013-09-12 10:20:55.779
Updated: 2013-09-12 10:20:55.779
its committed since yesterday with slightly different values (posted in original issue):

The problem is/was that the portal has not deployed since as some stupid test failed and our backend servers were undergoing heavy upgrades yesterday. We need to be clear what portaldev is made for, it is a development environment, not something to showcase. This is what UAT (user acceptance testing) is setup for - knowing it will always be 2 weeks or so behind latest developments of course. But portaldev is just far too fragile in every aspect to count on it

Created: 2013-09-12 10:21:59.321
Updated: 2013-09-12 10:21:59.321
portal is rebuilding now, the issue should be gone in 5 minutes:
Otherwise please use the links behind the stats on the homepage to get to the data search homes.