Issue 14956

Interpret min/maxDistanceAboveSurfaceInMeters

Reporter: mdoering
Type: NewFeature
Summary: Interpret min/maxDistanceAboveSurfaceInMeters
Description: interpret minimumDistanceAboveSurfaceInMeters like we do with altitude and make it an integer on occurrence with a new precision field too
Priority: Major
Resolution: WontFix
Status: Resolved
Created: 2014-01-30 11:18:18.581
Updated: 2014-04-28 11:43:44.999
Resolved: 2014-04-28 11:43:44.967

Created: 2014-01-30 13:19:01.53
Updated: 2014-01-30 13:21:52.015
or is this the same as depth, just inverted? Does it make sense to have both depth and distance to surface? Apparently not as explained in the dwc comments:

bq. Example: 1.5 meter sediment core from the bottom of a lake (at depth 20m) at 300m elevation; VerbatimElevation: "300m" MinimumElevationInMeters: "300", MaximumElevationInMeters: "300", VerbatimDepth: "20m", MinimumDepthInMeters: "20", MaximumDepthInMeters: "20", minimumDistanceAboveSurfaceInMeters: "0", maximumDistanceAboveSurfaceInMeters: "-1.5". 

Comment: we agreed to ignore this in favour of depth
Created: 2014-04-28 11:43:44.996
Updated: 2014-04-28 11:43:44.996