Issue 11663

Create BackboneChangedMessage occurrence listener

Reporter: mdoering
Type: NewFeature
Summary: Create BackboneChangedMessage occurrence listener
Priority: Major
Resolution: WontFix
Status: Closed
Created: 2012-08-09 10:41:08.541
Updated: 2016-07-27 13:06:50.588
Resolved: 2016-07-27 13:06:50.457
Description: When a new nub is build there are many tasks to be done afterwards that should be automated when a new BackboneChanged message is issued. Tasks to consider:

- update/restart nub lookup
- match all non nub checklists to the new nub via the lookup service
- match all occurrences to the new nub via the lookup service
- backfill all occurrence metrics
- backfill all checklist metrics
- backfill all density tiles

Consider if this needs to be done while the/some indexing is offline or if we can run (some of) these tasks in parallel.

As the incremental backbone changes will be rather small figure out if we can do an incremental update to occurrences and name usages easily. This is tricky because of changes in the taxonomic tree hierarchy effect the denormed classificaiton we store for nub matches in occurrences and name usages.]]>

Created: 2016-02-11 13:37:42.631
Updated: 2016-02-11 13:37:42.631
Basic version exists for the clb-clis:

it does the checklist matching and should build a new backbone dwca for download

Comment: The occurrence manipulations that need to be part of the occurrence-clis will be implemented in the next iteration. The first backbone will trigger a manual update of the occurrences & cubes
Created: 2016-02-11 13:40:09.843
Updated: 2016-02-11 13:40:09.843

Comment: we are unlikely to fully automate the nub build task in the near future
Created: 2016-07-27 13:06:50.585
Updated: 2016-07-27 13:06:50.585