Issue 11871

Fix owner of external KNB datasets

Reporter: mdoering
Assignee: jcuadra
Type: Improvement
Summary: Fix owner of external KNB datasets
Description: external datasets coming from KNB currently show up as owned by KNB in the dataset search (probably also in webservice?). This is not true and owner should be null (or the real owner if we can ever interpret that). KNB is the network of origin and probably also the host?
Priority: Blocker
Resolution: WontFix
Status: Closed
Created: 2012-09-13 13:07:48.999
Updated: 2013-12-16 17:50:46.557
Resolved: 2013-02-15 16:37:26.375

Comment: Markus, would be good if you could provide me with an example URL to investigate further. 
Created: 2012-09-25 10:14:11.041
Updated: 2012-09-25 10:14:11.041

Created: 2012-09-25 12:25:53.653
Updated: 2012-09-25 12:25:53.653

Created: 2013-02-15 16:37:26.408
Updated: 2013-02-15 16:37:26.408
Results don't show anymore as being owned by KNB.®istered=false&type=METADATA

Neither the webservices show such thing

it just shows networkOfOriginKey, which is expected to appear.

I am guessing this was fixed sometime after September 25 2012, and this issue remained univisited.