Issue 17573

"How to publish" tab should also cover data publishing

Reporter: ahahn
Assignee: bko
Type: Feedback
Summary: "How to publish" tab should also cover data publishing
Status: Reopened
Created: 2015-05-06 15:38:23.889
Updated: 2015-06-18 16:58:02.611
Description: To confirm: is it correct that this part will only replace the "Register and receive endorsement as a publisher block of On gbif-uat, it is a bit unclear how this tab will relate to the existing one at

Some suggestions for page edits in the attachment - ignore the first and last section if the above applies]]>
Attachment PublishingData.docx

Created: 2015-05-06 16:45:37.11
Updated: 2015-05-06 16:45:37.11
Thanks for the feedback. We actually discussed this.

The whole publishing-data/ section will be revised therefore some relevant contents in the old version will be relocated in other tabs. This page will purely serve as the start of data publishing process, which is getting registered first.

Please reopen this ticket if you notice anything missing once the new section is out.

Comment: Hi Burke, not for immediate attention as this will be part of the larger re-work, but reopening anyway as per your instructions back then. I noticed that the whole "how to publish" part went missing after all. We used to have a page that at least explained the steps.
Created: 2015-06-09 12:07:35.58
Updated: 2015-06-09 12:07:35.58

Comment: I've just added [~kylecopas] to the watchers of this issue. When he loops back to this we can evaluate again.
Created: 2015-06-09 13:43:01.818
Updated: 2015-06-09 13:43:01.818

Comment: I would also strongly recommend to add a page or pages about "how to publish" in the sense of how you need to prepare your data, i.e. how to create a dwc archive. Not everyone uses or will use the IPT and we have to explain this all over in very tedious mails and conversations. It would be highly appreciated if we had a page to point publishers to. Use the IPT or do THIS yourself somehow (and use our registry API or register form to register them)
Created: 2015-06-18 16:58:02.611
Updated: 2015-06-18 16:58:02.611